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The Toss

One of the world-wide leaders in the production of threads and twisted threads. The standards we expect and the promise we keep every day are summed up in our motto: One World – One Quality!

The figure is the embodiment of the human experience.  It is the site of courage, joy and love, of compassion, fear, and pain, of struggle, loneliness, and frustration, of sorrow, of loss.  As a narrative, figurative painter, Patrice uses the figure to depict these universal emotions, as well as our uniqueness.

Gallegos has worked at all levels in art galleries, studios and custom frame shops, developing his understanding of the professional art world. With a recent move to San Diego, CA Gallegos is pursuing his artistic passion in a new market while continuing to establish himself as a professional artist.

Audrey is based out of Denver Colorado, but has already worked in 6 different states… and of course would be willing to travel world wide!
Basically she is an artistic, adventurous photographer for fun and stylish people.


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